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If you're looking for a full-time software developer, I'm currently looking for full-time, gainful employment as a Software Engineer, so we should talk. My name is Barry Welch and I have a strong enterprise Java and .Net background while at the same time maintaining excellent AngularJS/Javascript, Ruby, and iOS skills. Call me: (316) 350-5541

The Price of a Mobile App

"What is the general cost to have an app built?"

I can't speak for every consultancy in the US, but I can give you my take based on my personal opportunity-cost and overhead. I've put together this handy little ballpark-guesstimate-table on the typical app development costs for a single app on a single platform (iOS/Android/Windows Mobile). Notice that we don't talk about games, this is because we just don't do game development. We think we're better off solving business problems than making games, so that's what we do. Anyhow, these are the ballpark prices.

App Pricing Table


starts at $6-8K
  • Most prototype apps
  • Line of business calculator apps
  • Inspection apps
  • Check-list apps
Defining Attributes
  • Simple data-model
  • No backend server
  • No integrations
  • Few pages
  • 1-2 platforms (iOS, Android, or WindowsMobile)


starts at $10-15K
  • Simple workorder tracking apps
  • Apps whos primary function is to record audio or take a picture
  • Simple dashboards / control panels
  • Audio-streaming
Defining Attributes
  • More complex data-model (5-10 tables)
  • Needs backend server / sync [1]
  • 1 simple integrations
  • Push notifications
  • 12-15 pages
  • 1-2 platforms (iOS, Android, or WindowsMobile)


starts at $20-25K
  • Critical line-of-business apps
  • Mutli-faceted dashboards
  • Grapically-intensive apps
Defining Attributes
  • Complex data-model
  • Backend server / sync / admin panel
  • More complex integrations
  • Push notifications
  • Many pages
  • 2-3 platforms (iOS, Android, or WindowsMobile)

[1] We specialize in backend-development using Ruby or NodeJS, but can accommodate enterprise needs as well, such as simple .Net or Java endpoint implementations.

So, if you've come to decide that our prices are pretty reasonable relative to the market and you want to chat, lets sit down and talk about this over coffee. I have 1/2 hour slots every day of the week where I talk to entrepreneurs like you and kickoff projects that help solve their business problems. You know your business. I know technology, so lets meet and see if we can work together.