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If you're looking for a full-time software developer, I'm currently looking for full-time, gainful employment as a Software Engineer, so we should talk. My name is Barry Welch and I have a strong enterprise Java and .Net background while at the same time maintaining excellent AngularJS/Javascript, Ruby, and iOS skills. Call me: (316) 350-5541

Web Forms Software

"So, we've tried using FormStack, Wufoo, Google Forms, and other tools like them, but the reality is that we need something just a little more custom."

In the amazing modern times we live in, it seems like there are infinite numbers of software tools available to solve speicific problems. Especially when it comes to web forms, which seems like the most solved problem of all solved problems. But, every once in a while (ok, actually it happens a lot) we run into problems that out of the box form solutions don't handle very well. That's when they call in the engineers to handle these marginal cases and keep business processes running smooth.

HIPAA compliance (regulated health records), PCI Compliance (payment information), and securing sensitive information are generally the first-tier problems people run into and need solved, but there are also situations where you need custom logic to handle special cases in your workflow (ex: all phone numbers with area-code 785 should be emailed to Sally), and there's no good automated way to work around this except to have someone write some special programs to route it to the right place. Now, this is a simple, but common example.

Consider that most forms that are filled-out are the top of the funnel in the business workflow. Data is collected, but it also needs to be routed to the right person with the right kind of scheduled events to take place to kick-off business functions (remember to call Randy Johnson 3-days before customer delivery). And while there are plenty of good CRMs to handle these cases, many businesses will need specialized software to ensure that their codified best-practices are followed to the letter.

There is very little that we cannot do for you with regards to collecting form data and business processes/workflow. You should reach out to us with your specific problems and we'll see if we can put together a proposal for a solution. It might just be that there are off-the-shelf solutions that you're not aware of that can solve your problems. Talk to us and we'll steer you in the right direction.

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