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If you're looking for a full-time software developer, I'm currently looking for full-time, gainful employment as a Software Engineer, so we should talk. My name is Barry Welch and I have a strong enterprise Java and .Net background while at the same time maintaining excellent AngularJS/Javascript, Ruby, and iOS skills. Call me: (316) 350-5541

Wichita Web Hosting

"I'm looking for a local web hosting company to host my website, what are my options?"

If you're looking for low-cost hosting of static HTML files and images, you have plenty of cheap options. I recommend you use a company like Godaddy, because they are big, popular and relatively easy to use. If you don't already have HTML files and images that you need to host, you might consider using a CMS like Wordpress or a website builder like Wix or Weebly. Most people looking for low-end hosting will be happy with with these options.

If you're looking for a place to host a application server that makes use of a database and you're using Java or PHP, or .Net, then I highly recommend Digital Ocean, Rackspace, or Liquid Web (if you're running any other languages such as Ruby, Python, or Perl, I'm going to assume you know exactly where to go).

At Wichita Web Developer, we add a lot more value than a traditional hosting company, and our prices reflect that. We focus on delivering best-of-class solutions that optimize speed and user experience to make sure that our customers are creating great experiences for their customers. So, we can host your stuff, but its not going to be at commodity prices. Here's a few options:

  • Curated Hosting - We'll help you pick the best hosting options for your situation and help you optimize your stuff and generally manage your accounts. Compression, minification, and speed of delivery over the network, we'll handle all of that. And we'll be on-call 20 hours/day.
    Cost to you: 1/40th the fully-loaded of an IT professional - $200/month
  • CTO - We'll do all of the above, plus act as your company CTO, helping you make decisions on technology and the impacts on business.
    Cost to you: 1/16th the fully-loaded of an IT professional - $500/month (space is limited)

Any of this sound interesting? Have any questions? Just want some really good coffee and conversation? Lets go to Mead's Corner (downtown) and talk. Directions/Info
Lunch meeting slots available for most days of the current week
(316) 350-5541