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If you're looking for a full-time software developer, I'm currently looking for full-time, gainful employment as a Software Engineer, so we should talk. My name is Barry Welch and I have a strong enterprise Java and .Net background while at the same time maintaining excellent AngularJS/Javascript, Ruby, and iOS skills. Call me: (316) 350-5541

iOS App Maintenance & Upgrades

"I had an app built a few months/years ago by a consultant or former employee, but now I need to update it and generally maintain it. I'm not really sure where to start. I can't find someone to do this... and I really need someone to help me."

This is a fairly common complaint. A lot of freelancers like greenfield development and can't really stand the maintenance side of things. Its unglamorous and generally undervalued as a service. That means there are lots of companies who have to pick up the pieces and either train internal staff, abandon the project, or pay large consultancies a hefty sum to bring their apps up to modern standards and handle ongoing maintenance.

Generally the kinds of things that go into the long-term care and feeding of apps is:

  • Updating certificates (push notifications and provisioning profiles)
  • Migrating to the latest iOS SDK version
  • Refactoring deprecated code
  • Ongoing bugfixes and error monitoring
  • Data model migrations between updates
  • Small tweaks of text/images
  • Small feature additions (large ones have to be handled like separate projects)
Lots of people are surprised by this, and its more than they bargained for.

So, our solution is that we offer multi-year maintenance contracts wherein we upgrade your app to the current version (usually a significant effort), and handle its onoing support and upgrades. The price for this kind of retainer runs around $300/month, and there may or may not be an initial upgrade fee of $1000 depending on the age of the codebase. This solution saves companies thousands of dollars a month in the overhead of hiring a full-time developer.