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Javascript Calculators and Tools

"We're using Microsoft Excel to create custom calculators for our team to use in the office, but I wish we could get this to our team in the field by putting this on our website somehow. They could get to it from their phones."

For a lot of companies, the decision to codify business knowledge into an online tool (such as a calculator, or reference table) is one of the best decisions they will make on a technology ROI basis. Giving your team online access to a powerful set of line-of-business tools will reduce mistakes and centralize your knowledge base, and best of all, since its on the web, it can all be modified by one person and the change will be immediately available to everyone.

To illustrate the point, here are a few examples of how locals are using custom javascript calculators and tools to improve their work:
  • Product Inventory/Square Footage Calculator - Tells the installers how much inventory to pull for a job based on square footage of the property/building.
  • Date / Number Formatter - An internal reference and format tool for programmers to create specialized date, time, and number strings.
  • Custom Mortgage Calculator - A calculator to help customers determine the monthly repayment amount for a given loan size, loan duration, and interest rate.
  • Lease vs. Buy Calculator - A calculator that helps customers decide whether its more economical to lease or buy a property.
  • NDT Exposure Calculator - Helps an inspection team understand exposure rates for gamma radiography.
... And, again, pretty much any Microsoft Excel tool that a business might use can be adapted into a custom calculator or reference tool and put on the web for easy access by your team, even from their mobile phones.

Many line-of-business calculators have been online for years, and a lot of companies will just create reference pages that link to these online tools (giving the tool owners a nice SEO boost). But some are realizing that those tools don't stick around forever (some people quit hosting them) and that it doesn't reflect as postitively on the business image to link to other people's calculators as it would to have your own set of calculators on your own website.

As we have done for other companies in Wichita, we can create a nice set of line-of-business calculators and tools for your website. Typcally the investment is minimal (under certain constraints), and the return is typically quite good, both from a business utility basis and often an SEO basis.