Pleasure to meet you!

If you're looking for a full-time software developer, I'm currently looking for full-time, gainful employment as a Software Engineer, so we should talk. My name is Barry Welch and I have a strong enterprise Java and .Net background while at the same time maintaining excellent AngularJS/Javascript, Ruby, and iOS skills. Call me: (316) 350-5541

About This Website

This website exists for two reasons: 1) to raise our visibility and accessibility within the community as a developer, 2) to create deal-flow that can be sourced wherever we please. With regards to #2, we happen to be developers, and so the defaults are always going to be ourselves, but we're not greedy and we're very interested in the wellfare of clients and partner companies, and as such we will work with partners to make sure that everyone gets what's absolutely best for them.


With regards to embargoes (more specifically non-competes, and NDAs), it is our express intent to honor these embargoes at least inasmuch as required by letter of contract. If you have a non-compete with us, you can expect us to honor it, and you should take no content on this website to mean that we do not intend to fully honor the contracts. It is further our intent that embargoeing companies are to be considered primary partners who will benefit most directly from the dealflow generated by this website during the life of these contracts. Separately, but just as important, if we've signed an NDA with you, you can be sure we are taking it very seriously indeed.

Website Structure

More for our benefit than yours, here we lay out our plans for how this website is to operate, both as a lead-generation channel, as a storefront, and as a warehouse of useful knowledge.

Further Plans

For the same reasons-for-existence as expressed in the first paragraph, this website will also serve as a conduit into which we will funnel interested parties to seminars and meetings. The seminars will be a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge where we teach valuable topics for free (or nearly free) and in exchange hope for some good measure of business to come at a later time. Also, it is our interest to eventually put some nice teaching videos up on the site to help people navigate the world of online marketing, leading people to trust our opinions and knowledge on matters (which we find to be good and valuable).

Metrics for Measuring Success

While we consider this the most satisfying of hobbies to build traffic via SEO (being a highly competitive endeavor and being a bit of a competitive-natured person), it should be noted that SERPs, impressions, and clicks are only vanity metrics. However, if this website leads to many sit-down meetings and at least a single extra closed deal in a year's time, then it will have exceeded our hopes.